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Zach H. "Reply: Thu Jul 21 2016 23:39:44 GMT-0400 (EDT)". PubPub, (2016). [https://www.pubpub.org/pub/5791958088be323200de7d09] version: 57a22cbd5a4037b8e01adb30
While a fantastically conceived idea, I doubt the engineers are naive enough to not have considered the potential for such a cloaking device to fall into the hands of those with intentions more nefarious than altruistic journalists and activists. While an intention of such high-value targets is certainly to prevent becoming the recipient of unwanted and unwarranted attacks, could the same device not also be used by those looking to play the role of the aggressor? If individuals on no fly lists are still able to gain access to weapons, wouldn't those same or even more individuals find it beneficial to improve their ability to stay "off the grid" with this device? Perhaps even while visiting areas known to provide ways and means to train and assist atrocities on a global scale. Additionally, if companies such as Apple are already being taken to federal court over a reluctance to discern something as simple as a password what would prevent the insistence that hardware be laid out in a way so as to prevent the tap points necessary for this introspection device? Wouldn't such a cat and mouse game stymie the creativity we demand from our technology companies? Having said that, I find this a brave and encouraging push toward the inherent quest for privacy - a right we all deserve.
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A similar argument can be made for encryption, or really any privacy enhancing technology. Just because a technology could assist "nefarious" individuals doesn't mean that the technology shouldn't be made available to all.
This device just tells you when the radios on your device are in use. That is all it does. It does not "cloak" anything. If you want to communicate with anyone, the radios must be on. What this device does do is it tells you if your phone is communicating with others at times that you don't explicitly want it to, which gives you an indication of if your phone is not acting entirely under your command.