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Salomon Saachz. "Reply: Mon Apr 04 2016 11:00:13 GMT-0400 (EDT)". PubPub, (2016). [https://www.pubpub.org/pub/5702817d4c87723d0045e6be] version: 57a22cbc5a4037b8e01ad90c
Very well crafted paper, this is great to see this ideas pushed forward, thank you.
As an alternative cardinality we can took the main aspirations behind these archetypes and discover that each lies on two realms : Spiritual (north), Intellectual (east), Physical (south), and Emotional (west).
The North is quintessentially abstract & pure in its search, the South is concrete & materialist; The East advantages its left brain, thinking in numbers (logical, analytic), whether the West prefers its right side and thinks in shapes (intuitional, synthetic).
I first seen the Maeda-Gold concept a few years ago on a Ken Perlin's presentation and really dig the idea. It is both powerful as a cooperative scheme as it can be for an individual creative process, and in a way is akin to a 'creative individuation' where one detaches itself to a defining label put by the natural conditioning of education.
In a way this theoretical frame came close to the Renaissance Man culture, quite similar to the Hacker Scene of our age, where creation is seen as a borderless land, neither to be narrowed by a vernacular nor the seal of approval of a society.
The interesting question is : can it be teached as a natural process for future generation ? (Or does this will solely emerges from adversity ?)
To quote from my experience I was driven to enter the field of Computer Graphics to blend this concepts together : Art / Science, Research / Application, but has yet to see anyone detaching themself from the studies or subculture they came from. Many times in the industry you will see this inevitable clivage between "artist" vs "engineer" and trying to begin to discuss about the eventuality and potential interests of a merging is just not something that compute (yet). It surely possible, and might need an overall change in our education model by questionning what outputs do we value more in people (self-reliance and self-efficacy might be a good start).
Oh I'm still young, I have hope.
PS : we should totally call this the OMG diagram, because frack yeah three letters acronym.
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