Tools for curation and community organization.

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Journals can be created by anyone for any topic. Some journals aggregate work for a particular interest, while others provide a more rigorous peer-review signal.

Pubs are created and owned by the author, but can be featured in as many journals as relevant. Journals act not to silo work, but to reveal the broader scope of relevance of research.

PubPub Journals

Created on PubPub, Used wherever

The creation and management of journals occurs through PubPub, but the data (journal details, featured pubs, etc) can be exported using our API to build completely custom journal website.

PubPub can either be the first destination for your readers or, alternatively, the infrastructure that enables your document creation, submission, and review process.

All pub content, metadata and rendering capabilities are available through the PubPub API or embeds.

API documentation
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